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Changelog - September

Mr. Slick

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  • Skins
    • All of the following additions will be made purchasable/available soon. More info to come.
    • Camo Crate 1
      • Contains 4 busts, 3 uncommon Ifrit camo skins and 3 rare camo Pilot CSAT Coveralls (credit to @danile666) skins. 
    • Camo Crate 2
      • Contains 4 busts, 3 uncommon Ifrit camo skins and 3 rare camo Pilot CSAT Coveralls (credit to @danile666) skins.
    • Camo Bundles:
      • Pink, purple, red, orange, green and blue camo bundles.
      • Each camo bundle will unlock one color camo for all the following vehicles: Offroad, Hatch (Sport), Flatbed, Hunter, Strider, Box truck, Van (Cargo), Van Transport, Tempest (Device), HEMTT Box, Qilin (Unarmed), Prowler (unarmed), Jeep (LMG), Qilin (Minigun), Jeep, Hummingbird, Hellcat, Orca, A-143 Buzzard, Mohawk, SDV, Motorboat
    • Discord linking skins:
      • Magma Hatchback (Sport)  (credit to @Kelly)
      • Deep Dive Hunter  (credit to @Kelly)
    • Discord Nitro Boost
      • Jokester Hatchback (Sport)  (credit to @Kelly)
  • Remote Car Explosive
    • Purchased from any rebel and can be attached to any vehicle.
    • Once attached to a vehicle, you will be given a new contact in your phone. "@Remote Detonator", once called, will explode into a wonderful parade of TNT.
  • AFD Medic Responder Menu
    • AFD medics can now press SHIFT+1, to bring up all active responding corpses
    • You can accept a response from a corpse from this menu, and see other info about said corpse.
  • House Electric Bills
    • Every house will now generate an electric bill every 7 days. The amount accumulated is based on how long you are on, types of upgrades, and house type. If you fail to pay the bill, you will be locked out of inventory/keys.
    • Key holders will also not be allowed to access anything, until the house owner pays their bill.
    • Failing to pay on the 8th day, will allow you to no longer spawn there, until you pay your bill.
    • Home owners can pay the electric bill via the house menu
  • Gang Garage 
    • Ranks 1-3, can pull and repair gang vehicles.
    • Ranks 1-3, can choose any vehicle in their garage and move into their gangs garage.
    • If pulled, all online gang members will be given keys to the pulled vehicle.
    • Only rank 1s can delete gang vehicles.
  • House Key Rework
    • You now have the ability to give different types of keys to players
    • You can either give access to inventory only, locks only, or both
    • Checking current key owners, will also display names with their pid
  • AFD House Fires 
    • AFD Firefighters (whitelisted), will now be called to random house fires that occur on Altis.
    • Using a tempest fuel, use your hose and take out the flames for a pay check.
    • Players can't access houses that are on fire.
    • If the AFD fail to take out the flames in time, the house will be completely destroyed after 30 minutes.
  • Jewelry Emporium
    • Located in Sofia, the Jewelry Emporium is full of exotic jewels and metals.
    • You must use a drill to enter the back door of the emporium
    • Drilling will take 5 minutes, once breached you can break open cases.
    • During the 15 minute window after drilled is complete, load all loot in the loading container.
    • Being able to load all cases before 10 minutes, will allow you to open the safe via plasma cutter.
      • Opening the safe and loading its contents in the container, will spawn a van with more loot than a traditional off-road. Failing to load all loot in the 10 minute window, will spawn a off-road with less reward.
      • If you fail to meet the requirement for the safe, a off-road will spawn in with a considerable less amount of valuables.
    • Failing to load at least 50% of the jewelry cases, will result in a failed robbery attempt.
    • After leaving the Emporium, sell all jewelry related goods north of heroin processing, at the African Warlord.
      • You can see the prices of the African Warlord in the market menu
  • Gang Fortress
    • Every Sunday and Wednesday, at 5:00 PM CST, the Gang Fortress of Altis will be capturable for 1 hour and 30 minutes.
    • Whilst the fortress is up for grabs, all kills within 400 meters will be war kills.
    • To capture you must have only <= 6 players, and own no turfs.
    • The gang with the most time holding the flag will win.
    • Perks include: 10% increased chance of lockpicking any vehicle, and 15% cheaper purchasable weapons/vehicles etc at the fortress
    • Complete with a spawn point, full rebel, wong, and drug dealer for all your gangs needs!
  • New Subscriber Features
    • New Asylum Plus icon next to a players name (civ only)
    • 20+ New wallpapers
    • Ability to set your own hex icon and color with it (settings app)
      • Custom Hex Icons
        • Distance will now be displayed next to a players name
        • Subscribers now have the ability to change their hexes color/image via the settings app.
          • Over 60+ custom icons to set
        • If  a group member(s) are in a vehicle, the # of people in the vehicle will also be displayed
    • Ability to set a color to your player's title (not achievement title)
  • Crypto Mining 
    • Players who own a house that has a market price over 100k, can purchase the crypto miner property upgrade. 
    • You can have up to 25 crypto consoles to mine any major coin.
    • New Crypto Dealer Cartel
      • Owning the crypto dealer will increase the rate at which you mine
      • Bitcoin will also be mined overtime at the flag, and can be taken out like rubber at oil.
    • Prices are based on real life prices, and update regularly on the server
      • You can check the crypto app on your phone to check prices.
      • You can also toggle off the ability to see the crypto app in phone settings
    • The crypto miner laptop at your household, will allow you to start mining, selling crypto, and upgrading your miner.
      • Upgrading your miner, either by more consoles and/or levels, will increase the amount of coin(s) it mines.
      • The amount you mine is based on the current price of the coin.
        • Note: Buying crypto is currently disabled (balancing issue), but the option is there for the future.
        • You can only mine while being online 
    • Gaming Asylum Consoles are made at any black market, requiring different pc components
      • Ryzen 5950X, RTX 3090 Ti, 3000W PSU, 10TB M.2 SSD, Asus Dark Hero Mobo, 64GB DDR4 Ram, NZXT Water Cooler, and a Console Frame are required to make a Gaming Asylum Console.
      • These PC components can be found from different server events and gathering from different goods.
        • Ryzen 5950X = Metal detecting, login bonuses, and loot stashes.
        • RTX 3090 Ti =  Federal reserve, login bonuses, earthquakes, and loot stashes.
        • 3000W PSU = Mental Asylum and rebel air drops 
        • 10TB M.2 SSD = Mining and login bonuses.
        •  Asus Dark Hero Mobo = Jewelry Emporium and login bonuses.
        • 64GB DDR4 Ram = excavators and login bonuses.
        • NZXT Water Cooler = Bank of Altis.
        • Console Frame = Airdrops, login bonuses, and earthquakes.
  • Unknown Cryptid - Rumors have been heard around the island of a goat like cryptid stalking prey in the NW part of the map. Locals have said he is harmless, but preys on victims that are alone, in the dark.
  • New AFD and APD HQs located in the NW part of the map
  • New titles, achievements, quests, and stats
  • If you are in a group of different gangs and try to capture a cartel, the leader will get the cap instead of contesting. 
  • APD minigun boat (LT+).
  • Phone setting to disable/enable ambient life. Disabling will give you a few extra FPS, but you will NOT be able to see clientside animals (fish, turtles, rabbits, snakes etc).


  • Cartel capture range matches the map marker now.
  • Login bonus now has 100+ days of content, with a different loot pool entirely.
  • Mental Asylum map objects have been remove/changed to be optimized for server performance (more fps overall)
  • You can now eject all physical items from a seasonal chest via scroll wheel
  • Optimized how taxes are given to governor, and electric chair overall.
  • Virtual item icons will now be displayed in the pickup menu
  • Optimization to multiple server side events (ufo, mental asylum, etc)
  • If their isn't enough server time for a ufo/air drop to occur, it will not occur
  • Nights during an active UFO, will now last significantly less
  • Quest menu has been revamped to have a filter
    • You can double click a seasonal/restart cycle quest to bookmark it


  • Fish related quests not completing properly
  • Governor being chosen on the 8th day, not 7th
  • Possible issue with bank transfers not going to the correct player
  • Gang bank transfer checking player funds instead of gang funds when sending
  • Being able to disconnect in the electric chair and keeping your bounty
  • Being able to drop a loot crate key (via arma inventory)
  • Refund on a purchased house, not giving back taxed amount
  • Standing up in vehicles randomly
  • Phone calls should be more reliable overall
  • Being able to gather drugs in a tractor whilst on cop
  • Being able to do multiple server restart quests (woops)
  • Physical objects earned from login bonuses (ammo, scopes etc) should now properly drop at your feet.
  • The legality of weed should now reflect properly on map markers (green = legal, red = illegal)
    • You should now be able to process reggie stems into medical marijuana
  • Jumping would glitch out the player camera for 1 frame.
  • Virtual items dropped from the house menu not beinged cleaned up.
  • Too many gold bars being able to spawn at the Federal Reserve.
  • Jeep (LMG) not having selectable skins.
  • UFO markers not showing if you joined after the UFO spawned.
  • The plane crash markers being swapped for civilians and cops.
  • The "Put in vehicle" not working for Qilins/Prowlers.
  • The cop "Exit" action sometimes requiring two attempts for you to exit the vehicle.
  • Cop boats no longer require you to be undercover (however this may only apply to newly purchased boats).


Hotfix #1:
- Fixed crypto dealer bitcoin storages becoming infinite
- Fixed bounty dropping
- Fixed crypto app sizing on different ui sizes (don't forget, you can toggle the app visibility on/off in the settings app)
- Fixed a message regarding firefighting
- Fixed being able to spawn inside and use gang fortress related features while not being in a gang
- Fixed jewelry emporium not having motherboards
- Removed kore checkpoint (dump hq replaces it)
- Added an option to toggle of custom hex icons (resorts to default a3 hexes)
- Increased hunt time for goat man (sorry)
- Fixed oyster seasonal quest not incrementing
- Fixed not being able to do numerous cop things at the new dump hq
- Fixed/updated !stats to include new stats
- Added filter for when the gang fortress is active, showing time held for each gang that capped
- The ending cutscene for the gang fortress when only show to nearby players at the flag

Hotfix #2:
- Fixed gang fortress ownership not properly set on server start.
- Fixed gang fortress capture starting on the wrong days.
- Fixed gang fortress marker.
- Added a 3 minute cooldown to respawn to sofia (civ), when you die in sofia whilst the Jewelry Emporium is active.
- Updated all loot stash positions (good luck!).
- Possibly fixed requesting bodies in the AFD responder menu.
- Buffed UFO event loot overall, including rare pc components.
- Made console components rarer to find.
- Possibly fixed an issue with a black hole for money in sending a vehicle to gang garage (rare)?

Hotfix #3:
- Fixed governor tax not properly adding to account (only broken since this patch)
- Made it very very very very very rare for a miner to lose a console (easier to win the lottery than lose a console)
- Moved the Jewelry Emporium (also improved information messages associated with it)
- Updated the lumberjack quests to work as intended (descriptions are more clear also)
- Fixed being randomly kicked
- Possibly fixed gang garage pulling failing in some instances
- Slightly increased remote explosive distance
- Fixes regarding firefighting 
- Possibly fixed medic payouts for revives (responded and not)
- Possibly fixed issues with giving keys to players (rare)
- Fixed claiming a gang vehicle not giving you the vehicle
- Fixed a oyster seasonal quest not adding
- Buffed bitcoin generation rate at the Crypto Dealer
- AFD Fires now can be put out with at least 1 firefighter, (1=5 mins, 2=4mins, 3=3mins, 4=2mins, more than 5 is 1 minute)
- Fixed seizing a vehicle not properly being deleted in your garage (only broken since this patch)

Hotfix #4:
- Crypto mining rate has been doubled
- Having the crypto dealer will now significantly increase the amount you mine crypto
- Fixed SWAT start positions (most were broken)
- Fixed evidence virtual loot from spawning in
- Added a confirmation if you are storing a gang vehicle (to prevent storing it accidentally)
- The effects of smoking dab are now increased (and will no longer attach smoke to you, if you use a dab rig)
- Added a APD Captain only special heavy vehicle 
- Electric bills have been removed

Hotfix #5:
- Added vehicle cruise control (same as autorun key)
- Fixed lockpicking chance with having gang fortress
- Scroll wheel for plant processing range should be 8 meters across the board.
- If you press T or F while the wanted menu is open, you should no longer open up different menus.
- Sativa/Indica bud has been nerfed to $800
- Golden Wax has been nerfed to $1,200
- LSD sheets has been nerfed to $790
- LSD pills has  been nerfed to $1,200
- LSD will now age by 25 per instead of 50 per.
- Weed will now age by 25 per instead of 35 per.
- Added the pumpkin Halloween skin to the armed qilin
- Dying in a blown up vehicle will now no longer delete/bug your body (thanks arma after 8 years)
- You will no longer lose an adrenaline shot, if you had an adrenaline shot used on you.
- Jewelry Emporium safe should now be more reliable in cleaning up.
- If a medic sends a respond request, you are able to either deny or accept.
- Getting killed by an enemy gang member will now be displayed in side chat.
- AFD house fires should now properly work (would end way to fast).
- You should be able to hack a mental asylum laptop, if you were previously bugged from doing so.
- The AFD responder menu will now display how long the corpse requested assistance. 

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    • Remote Car Explosive
      • Purchased from any rebel and can be attached to any vehicle.
      • Once attached to a vehicle, you will be given a new contact in your phone. "@Remote Detonator", once called, will explode into a wonderful parade of TNT.

    Crypto Mining 

    • Players who own a house that has a market price over 100k, can purchase the crypto miner property upgrade. 
    • You can have up to 25 crypto consoles to mine any major coin.
    • New Crypto Dealer Cartel

    not a bad update


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    1 hour ago, Mitch (IFRIT) said:

    There will be a thread in the coming hours that will showcase the new skins, and go into detail how to gain access to the discord skins. Boonie needs to wake up to assist with that. He also needs to push the new update to the webstore to purchase crates etc. Stay tuned.

    unban me from the discord yo, it’s been 2+ years

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