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Community Video Contest [Closed]

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The contest has ended. We will be announcing the winner in the coming days. Thank you to everyone who submitted a video!


Calling all content creators! We are looking for a community made promotional video for Asylum. It should be creative, entertaining, and showcase Asylum content. While we don't want to restrict the talent of our community members below are some guidelines and rules for the contest.


General Guidelines:


  • Should be around 3-4 minutes in length
  • Feature Asylum content in a positive light
  • Submit videos via PM to @Leady
  • Contest ends Feb 12th.
  • 1 winner will be chosen



  • $500,000 In game cash
  • 20 Loot crate keys of your choosing
  • Have your video featured on the forums and wiki


Below are examples of past promotional videos for the APD these are just examples and not necessarily what is expected as it should feature multiple aspects of Asylum. But we are looking for similar quality and professionalism.



An example of when strife was released: 



If you have any questions feel free to reply here or shoot me a message. 


Looking forward to seeing what the community comes up with.

Good Luck!

- Leady


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34 minutes ago, Emma said:

Where is @Maxツ when you need him, he did such an awesome job creating cinematic trailers ^-^


Good luck to anyone who enters, if you want, definitely check out his YouTube channel. Max has created really awesome and very well edited videos

This is a great video, I remember the first time I watched it. My ONLY criticism is those fucking Identity signs.  

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1 minute ago, BaDaBiNg_10-8 said:

This is a great video, I remember the first time I watched it. My ONLY criticism is those fucking Identity signs.  


Just now, HomeTrlx said:

Dont you ever dare mentioning dis piece of trash game ever again.

@BaDaBiNg_10-8 go wash your mouth with soap!!!! Never let that name come out of that mouth again!

Bag Of Funyuns, Emma, sakha and 2 others like this

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4 hours ago, TheCrestedPenguin said:

Oh boy, I'd do it but i can't record in 1080. My monitor is to shit.

Ill record the shit for you. Just shoot me a message on steam and ask me what to do.

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Video editing isn't my things but I think a video with this type outline would be entertaining. Feel free to use it if your having brain farts on ideas.


Civ Life

Clip 1 - Kavala - People walking around interacting.

clip 2 - Trying to find work. Working the peach fields.

clip 3 - Finding a house/Putting in crates

clip 4 - Getting held up by a pistol banger. (The turning point from being a good person to fuck everyone :p)

Converting to rebel life.

clip 1 - Going to rebel to get you license and Starting a gang

clip 2 - Gear,

clip 3 - Banks

clip 4 - Feds

clip 5 - Getting chased by cop

clip 6 - Being rescued by gang.

clip 7 - In cop custody being process

(Transition to cop life videos)

Cop Life

clip 1 - Cadet life

clip 2 - The chase

clip 3 - Bank/feds

clip 4 - Kavala interactions

clip 5 - processing

clip 6 - getting promoted


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