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New Support Team Members

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Please join us in congratulating and welcoming several new members to the support team.

@BlackShot @DaX @DonDurka @HomeTrlx @Term @Ron Johnson @Smee @YuSheng


These folks will be the front line for assisting players, especially with Asylum V2 right around the corner.

I want to take a minute and highlight a few of these new members and the various languages they will be able to assist.

Blackshot - Portuguese 

Term - Spanish

YuSheng - Chinese 


Welcome to the support team!

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21 minutes ago, william said:


when are you getting sgt, you beautiful goddamn forsaken ginger?

Edited by Sp0on

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Just now, william said:

cant get rank up from playing rust otherwise I'd be chief!

yes you can... samp got chief for being shit at rust

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as @Ron Johnson's number  1 fan i am so proud of him. he went from making asylum parodies to staff... my little boy grew up so fast....

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